Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions:

Welcome to KidsWayCare.com. Kids Way is a professional platform where parents can find professional caregivers, and caregivers can get jobs (based on their schedule). Parents are able to post jobs for babysitters, part time or full time caregivers etc. and find the caregivers they feel comfortable with. Both parties can interact with each other, share details and even run background checks. The following terms and conditions govern the use of Kids Way. By using this website, creating an account, or post a job, you agree to follow these Terms and Conditions.

Here at Kids Way we reserve the right to change or modify this Agreement, Security Statement, or other documentation, or modify and discontinue any portion of its services, features and functionality at any time, without prior notice to you. Please visit the website for any such changes, which will be effective at the time changed. The user agrees that Kids Way will not be liable to users or any 3rd party for modifications or users’ ability to access the platform.


In order to find a job, or hire a caregiver, you need to create your account by registering on our platform. As a user, you agree to provide us with the correct information about you and your needs. Also, it is your responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of your account, and we will not be responsible for any activity that is performed under your username/ account.

We suggest you not to share your personal account information with any other user. In case you suspect any malicious activity performed under your account, please contact our customer support as soon as possible.

Use of the website/ platform:

As a user, you are not:

· Allowed to resell the services we offer on the website

· Allowed to make any modification to the content posted by other users on our website, Facebook page or forums

· Allowed to copy, reproduce or download any content without taking written permission of the company

· Allowed to provide us with fake information or act as other individual

· Allowed to use violent, harsh, abusive language in your job descriptions or messages.

You agree not to convey, communicate or transmit anything that is illegal, libelous, harassment or in violation of the rights of others.

Our Responsibility:

Kids Way is not liable for any action performed by you or your associates. The job descriptions are posted by parents (users) and we are not liable for the requirements they post, and we suggest you to communicate properly before accepting the job. We do not reserve the rights to change descriptions posted by other users.

Information Security:

Your information is safe with us. We have implemented several security policies to prevent any kind of unauthorized access to your information. We do not store your sensitive information, and reliable third party companies are used to manage your information while you process any financial transaction on the website. The information is encrypted and will not be available to anyone.


Kids Way does not make any rules and regulations for your jobs, however we have some rules that you need to follow while posting your jobs on our platform. You must be the actual user who posts the job description and the information provided by you MUST be correct and up-to-date, and we do not allow anyone to infringe third party copyrights. You must not impersonate any other identity or business.

We do not tolerate any kind of fraudulent activity conducted by any user. We reserve the rights to delete any information (or seize access to our website) in case a user violates our terms and conditions. Kids Way also welcomes your feedback and suggestions. You agree that all feedback becomes our confidential information and you waive any rights regarding intellectual property for suggestions provided.

As a user, you understand that communication is not managed or handled by our company. We are a platform that allows parents and caregivers to connect and conduct transactions. For any issue, you need to contact the user and ensure everything is discussed properly before you apply for a job. We are not held liable in case anything is not conducted the way it’s discussed between users.

In case you are not satisfied with the service, please resolve with the other party.

Payment Terms:

The prices are listed by caregivers and we do not have any control over the pricing structure. Please contact parents (or caregivers) and verify the details before you start working. The payment needs to be completed on time. Kids Way also charges a small membership fee from childcare seekers, and this payment must be paid full in advance. We reserve the rights to change our pricing structure anytime we want.

As user, you agree that you will not use a fake credit card to complete any transaction. In case we suspect any fraud transaction, we reserve the right to terminate your account at our sole discretion.


Kids Way, its employees or any other parties currently or previously involved in the design, production, creation, or delivery of the website and services, are not liable for any direct or in-direct damages, such as lost profits, opportunity costs or other effects resulting from the use of the website, related services, a linked website, the delay or in-ability to use the website or a third party website, regardless of whether Kids Way is aware of such issues or the possibility of these kind of damages. The limitation involves, but is not limited to, the transmission of any data, malwares etc. that might affect your or anyone else’s electronic device, any in-compatibility between the app/ website design or files and your browser(s), any failure of your internet access, or un-authorized access, or any natural or non-natural disasters. The content, accuracy, opinions, and links displayed by other websites are not necessarily investigated, analyzed, checked, or endorsed by Kids Way.

No Warranties:

All solutions and information on the site are offered “as is” with no warranty, implied or expressed. Kids Way is not responsible for the reliability or timeliness of any information or projections on the site, and data updates are not promised on a specific schedule. It is your responsibility to assess all such information that is available on the platform. You agree to indemnify Kids Way harmless from any kind of liability, claim, loss or expense, which also includes attorney’s fees related to your violation of the agreement or the use of these services offered at the site.


Kids Way does not take any responsibility of risks that you, as a parent or a caregiver, might face. We suggest you not to agree for a job in case you are not certain about the description and requirements listed by the user. We do not participate in any

transaction that is performed by the users, and everything is conducted between users only. In case you want to submit any complaints against any user, please contact us. We may ask for additional information or proofs in order to conduct proper investigations and a fair decision will be made.

Using our website, services etc. you can connect and share your comments, actions and other information with users. In the event you decide to share your personal information with other users, we suggest you to keep your privacy in mind. We are not liable for any privacy or security in case you choose to make your information available to the public.

Contact Us:

If you have any question, or need more information about how we work, please feel free to send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Your satisfaction is our first priority.

Kids Way

Email: Kidswaycare@yahoo.com

Privacy Policy:

Welcome to KidsWayCare.com. The privacy policy section explains how we collect information from our users when they visit our website, create an account, sign up for our newsletter, or run a background check. By providing your personal details to us, you expressly consent the transfer of information to our secure servers, and agree to the collection, usage and disclosure of the information.

Information We Collect:

When you sign up for the account, newsletter, or use any service from the platform, we collect your email address, name and other information. We also collect non-personal identification information such as the pages you viewed, device type, browser type, geo-location information, application version, operating system, and more. This information helps us to improve our services.

Web browser cookies:

Cookies are basically text files that are transferred by site (or service providers) to your hard drive through the web browser you use to access the website. These cookies are not harmful to your computer, and are stored to capture some important information that helps us understand, remember and save your preferences for the future visits. No any personal information is collected or affected by these cookies.

You reserve the right to refuse cookies, however, some website sections may not work properly. The cookies do not cause any interruption in your browsing behavior.

Sharing Information:

Using our website, Facebook page etc. you can connect and share your comments, actions and other information with users. In the event you decide to share your personal information with other users, we suggest you to keep your privacy in mind. We are not liable for any privacy or security in case you choose to make your information available to the public.

We do not share your personal information with our other users.

How We Use Your Information:

KidsWayCare.com uses your information for several purposes:

1. To provide seamless and personalized services to our users

2. To create new products and services

3. To help you find a job or hire a caregiver through our website

4. To customize the advertisements you see on our website

5. To communicate with you

6. To deliver newsletters, surveys, special offers

7. To detect and stop illegal, unauthorized and fraudulent activities

We may also use your geographical information in order to personalize your experience on our website.

How We Disclose Your Information:

The Company may share some personal information with your consent. Your information might be shared with other parties as well, for example, the email marketing companies we hire to send you regular updates and special offers. We never sell your personal information to these 3rd parties.

However we might also disclose some information if required by law. If we feel we are required to share the information in order to establish a compliance with a court order, we will disclose your information. In the event it is required to prevent any liability or fraudulent service, we may share your information with legal authorities.


Kids Way takes appropriate measures in order to safeguard the information you submit on our website. On the web, it is not possible for any company to prevent security risks, however. We strive to offer reliable security services, however we can’t guarantee the absolute security.

The confidentiality and accuracy of your account information is your responsibility and we recommend you to use a strong password in order to avoid unauthorized access to your website. In the event you click on third party websites, you will navigate to other website(s) and we are not liable for any activity that is performed on third party website(s).

Information Choice:

You are free to opt out of receiving any kind of notifications and promotional emails. In case you unsubscribe us, you might receive non-promotional emails such as information about your account. You can also change your information any time you want. In case you do not accept cookies on our website, you might not be able to access certain services, so please keep that in mind while surfing the website or accessing the services we offer.

Your personal-identifiable information as well as non-personal identifiable information is collected for business purposes such as advertising, analytical purposes, for improvement of website and providing customized services.

Data Integrity:

If unforeseeable technical or any kind of other difficulties result in service interruptions or other failures, which limit Users’ ability to obtain or update information, personalization settings and other interruptions of services, Kids Way assumes no responsibility. Similarly, the Company assumes no responsibility for the accuracy, deletion, timeliness, non-delivery or failure to collect user information, loss of user info, communications, personalization settings, or the accuracy or functionality limitations that might be caused by current or dated web browsers.

Display of Advertising/Your Choices:

Kids Way strives to provide you with relevant information on our platform. In order to achieve it, we may collect information about your caregiver searches and other activities. We share only your personal information with affiliated parties in order to provide you with relevant advertisements. If you choose not to receive tailored online advertisements, you will see general advertisements on the platform. We also allow third parties to collect information about your online activities from our platform through cookies, and we do not control the cookies and other technologies these third party websites may use to collect your information.

Modifications to this privacy policy:

We can make changes/ modifications to the privacy policy any time we want, without issuing any prior notice. You agree that it’s your responsibility to review this policy from time to time in order to avoid any misunderstanding regarding the collection and use of your information.

Contact Us:

If you have any question, or need more information about how we work, please feel free to send us an email through the “contact” section and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Your satisfaction is our first priority.

Kids Way

Email: Kidswaycare@yahoo.com