Safety Tips

Tools and tips to help keep your family safe

Choosing the Right Caregiver

View the profiles of caregivers who meet your requirements: Thoroughly look at the caregivers profile in order to get a better understanding of the persons experience, work history, certifications, etc.

Obtain a copy of your potential caregiver’s driving record and run a background check on the individual. Safety is our #1 priority! Also try to find your potential candidates social media accounts.

Contact the Caregivers using without giving out your personal information. When you are ready, schedule a phone or video messaging interview before an in-person interview.

Contact references, previous employers, and read reviews about the Caregiver.

Search the internet for public information about the Caregiver.

Meeting the Caregiver

Meet during the day, in a public place without the child/children.

Ask the questions that you would really like to know the answers to. (See example questions.)

1. How long have you been a caregiver?

2. Do you have CPR or First-aid training?

3. What do you like about being a caregiver?

4. What do you enjoy doing with children?

5. Tell me about a time when you had a difficult time with a child. What did you do to comfort him/her?

After Finding Your Favorite Caregiver

Give the caregiver the opportunity to provide care while you are home.

After Hiring Your Caregiver

 Allow your caregiver to provide care for short periods of time at first. Then longer time periods after you are comfortable with the care. Be sure to drop in and check on your caregiver unexpectedly, come home early, etc.