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Caregiver Descriptions:



Full Time caregivers must be 21 years of age or older and have at least five years of recent caregiver experience (3 years for temporary nannies) or a combination of college studies and childcare experience. Full time caregivers may live in or live out of the home.


Babysitters must be 18 years of age or older and have at least two years of recent sitter experience (1 year for temporary sitters). Babysitters have the same responsibilities as nannies but with a shorter work week. Schedules vary depending on the needs of the family.


Nannies will provide care for the following illnesses:

Colds and other mild respiratory infections

Fevers lower than 102 degrees

Strep throat (with antibiotics already started 24 to 48 hours)

Ear infections (with antibiotics already started)



Mild cases of the flu

Stomach Flu (no vomiting for 24 hrs)

Types of Positions:

Full Time Caregiver

Part Time Caregiver

Mother’s Helper

Overnight Sitter

Summer Sitter

Dinner/Meal Preparation Assistant

Part-time/Seasonal Nanny (summer break, spring break, winter break, and some holidays)


Traveling Nanny

Sick Stay Nanny (When child is sick)

Requirements for all Caregivers:

Legal to work in the United States (citizenship, green card, work permit)

Possess a driver’s license and good driving record

Be able to provide at least 3 verifiable childcare references (non-family members)

Genuine love for children

Dependable and Reliable

Non smoker

Must be 18  – 35 years old(babysitter)

Must be 21 & over  (full-time nanny)

Able to communicate well in English

Ability to commit long term

Proof of continuing education related to children